Great Resources for Graduates and All Difference Makers

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As a blogger and difference maker, there are online resources I use regularly to enhance my creativity, ease my productivity and open up lots of opportunities, not only for myself, but also for others. They are wonderful implements with which I gain a lot of fantastic experience. Some of them are free while others are not. I believe that anyone (most especially students and graduates) who wants to make a difference and impact their world would find these resources very useful. Check them out and find out how and where you could put them to use.

Polish My Writing

If you’re worried about your writing at the unfinished stage, try Polish My Writing. It’s a free online portal that helps you proofread and edit your final draft. You only need to paste the content in a space provided on the site. And before you know it, all the hidden errors in your work are detected. As such, you’re given a chance to refine your work and give your reader a wonderful piece to savour.


Can you write? Can you at least make meaning with written words? Here is a great opportunity for you. WLE, standing for Write Learn Earn, is a platform where you get paid for writing. You write, your writing is reviewed and then you get paid. Yes, it’s that simple. More interesting is this: you don’t have to be perfect to earn, though there’s a greater reward for a better writing. The WLE team would help you refine your article and make it come out earnable. Want to try it out? Go here.


Here’s another resource site that saves you ample time when you want answers to some nagging questions. It’s simple: you ask questions that are often immediately answered by very smart people, like you. Or you may even read through questions already asked by other people and answers to them. With Quora, learning’s fun  because it’s interactive.

Gutenberg is an online platform for free e-learning resources. As a student, researching for a project may be daunting, especially when the required books are not readily available. If this sounds like you, then trying out Gutenberg might bring a smile to your face as your worry over research materials vanishes. On the site, you’ll have access to more than 4500 books of various discplines in different reading formats.


This is a place to be for all students. It’s a lovely site that offers you numerous analyses of literature texts, study success tips. With this resourceful website you’re never going to miss out on any analysis of both old texts that are probably extinct or even the newer ones


This is good for bloggers. If your blog is constantly disturbed by spammers who pose as humans to comment on your blog, creating confusion between you and your reader, use Akismet. It is a nice plugin I use to block spam comments. It is useful because it saves time and makes it easy for your reader to comment on your post without having to go through the rigorous exercise of registering. This reduces your work and encourages your readers to share their thoughts with you.


In everything we do, people matter. In business they matter more. It is with and for people that everyone who has got great ideas must definitely share them. When we share our ideas with people, we grow in confidence while also adding values to ourselves and them. That is exactly what Mailchimp does. It helps in building your email list. It makes it easy for you to connect with your readers. I use Mailchimp because it’s effective and has a superb interface, nice analytics and it’s reliable. And, most interestingly, it’s absolutely FREE.


Of all blogging software I have known, WordPress is the best. Besides its easy-to-use interface with lots of themes and plugins, it’s also free. Using a self-hosted WordPress has broadened my horizon about blogging. It has made me realise what it really means to blog like a pro. With a self-hosted WordPress blog, I now have the opportunity to experience wonderful blogging tools and gadgets that enable me take charge of my productive engagements online. Try it. I bet you would love it too.


With payoneer, online transaction has never been this easy! It’s an international MasterCard that you can use to receive your online payment from your affiliate links like amazon, CreateSpace or Host1Plus. With it, you can withdraw money directly from your local ATM. And you can get it just by going to their website and signing up, and within 30/40 days have it delivered to your Nigerian address free of charge. It’s what I use.

Five Things You Can Do As A Graduate

This is my eBook exclusively dedicated to graduates. It contains some practical tips and links that can make you creative and productive before, doing and after your NYSC. It will encourage you to begin to develop your potential and then actualize your dreams. Just as the title implies, the book is exactly what it is: the five things are not far-fetched stories; they are pragmatically trusted ways a graduate can add value to him/herself. You can get it for free here.

Website Settings Made Easy

This is my second ebook designed to help you resolve your web design issues. It’s written in a very friendly style that makes it easy for ANYONE who wants to design and customise their self-hosted WordPress website or blog. The book is one of my gifts to you, if you use my recommended tool on my web setting tutorial.


Gravatar makes your profile looks professional on your online platform. It’s a web image service that allows you link your photo to your email address. When you comment on any post with this email, you have your photo displayed next to your name. It’s cool, isn’t it? You can use it too.

Hundred Zeros

When you need very resourceful eBooks, even novels to read, to help boost your writing desires, here’s a fine place you should go. Hundred zeros lets you download free kindle books. Besides novels and travel books, you could search for books that could enhance your creativity. Books available there cut across genre and scope, range in interest.


Earlier I once reiterated here that you should write your CV yourself. In doing so, you’d need a sort of guide, specifically a template. This is where to find plenty of curriculum vitae templates for your CV. Download it; use it. Then wait as job invites flood your email or phone!


Jarushub is a career mentorship and management blog. It offers series of wonderfully empowering contents geared towards a better understanding of your career goals and objectives. There’re relevant tips relating to interview skills, work ethics and general issues on job and management.

The Next Web

If you’re looking for a fitting image to use for your new post on your site, here’s where to find one. The Next Web is replete with stock of useful and quality photos that make sense with your contents. Guess what, it’s free!


This lets you expand your vocabulary. With Freerice, you can boast of word bank that encourages you to write and speak with confidence. It’s another way of feeling great about yourself.


eHow is among the best online resources that allow you to learn virtually anything learnable. It’s simply about how to do anything you want to do. From how to plait your hair (lol) to how to live forever, eHow’s got your back.



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