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Are you a writer or blogger? Do you need a good platform where you could easily get noticed, meet awesome people and establish your ideas? Here is the place.

Since the general idea behind the creation of ComsoyHub is to help people make a difference, we’ll welcome any good writer who wants to guest post for us.

Below are the guidelines for our guest post.

Inform us

Yes, kindly do just that, by simply sending us an email at sodiq [at], with a request to guest post on our platform. If you’re accepted, next thing is to…

Craft a killer headline

We love articles with an I-must-read-this headline. Yes, we do love them!

Simple content

Try as much as you can to relax your writing. That is, easy does it! Give our readers content they’d love to read, easily.

NO error! No excuse, please !

While we’ll try to have a peep at what your guest post looks like, we, however, would love it if you could come to us ready prepared. No one is perfect though, but hey! Not on this blog! No excuses! Period.

With all this strictness, what’s in it for me?

Good question. If you guest post on ComsoyHub, you get:

  • An author’s bio (must be short)
  • two hyperlinks to your website
  • two hyperlinks to your social media profile.

Most importantly, think of the thousands of lives your articles might touch positively.

Note however that we…

  • do not accept articles previously published
  • only accept a post length of 800 words minimum
  • don’t pay writers at the moment
  • well, if your post does some magic, might be compelled to compensate you in a little, handsome way (hey, not making any promises here though) 🙂

That’s all.

It’d be nice to see you on our blog.



Founder, ComsoyHub


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