2017/2018 Robert and Lisa International Fellowships, UK

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Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Fellowships

Visiting research fellows play an integral part in the research culture of the Sainsbury Institute and its partner institutions. While working on their own publication and research projects, they contribute to seminars and conferences in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. The Sainsbury Institute’s two principal fellowship programmes are designed to encourage scholars in the fields of Japanese art and archaeology to complete a substantive piece of research. Former fellows have subsequently achieved considerable success in their careers, as demonstrated by their publication records and the posts they go on to hold. They often return to the UK, to take part in Sainsbury Institute activities. Since 2001 over 40 Fellows have benefited from the Fellowship programmes, their subject specialisms ranging from prehistoric artifacts to contemporary art in every genre and medium of Japanese material and visual cultures.

The Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Fellowships, established in 2000 through generous funding from Lord Sainsbury of Turville, are designed to strengthen academic ties with Japanese studies programmes in Asia, Canada, Europe, Oceania and the USA. The Fellowships provide recipients with an opportunity to work in a scholarly environment conducive to completing a publication project.

The Institute is offering several Fellowships of either six months or one year, to scholars who have received a PhD in any area of Japanese culture, although preference will be given to applications focusing on the history of art, cultural heritage, archaeology or architecture.

Sponsor: Sainsbury Institute

The fellowships are in two categories: the one for one year and another for six month.

Scholarship Benefits

  • The value for the one-year fellowship is £23,500
  • It is £12,000 for the six-month


February 28, 2017


To be eligible for this scholarship, you must:

  • Have received a PhD in any area of Japanese culture, although preference will be given to studies of art history, cultural heritage, archaeology and architecture


To apply for the 2017/2018 Robert and Lisa International Fellowships, you’re required to note the following:

  • Fill out this application form click here
  • Once completed, the application form should be emailed tosisjac@sainsbury-institute.org. In addition to the application form, please enclose:
    1. Curriculum Vitae (please include the date your PhD is expected to be conferred, if not already conferred) and
    2. Sample of writing (for example a published article, or a core chapter of the PhD)
  • Receipt of applications by Sainsbury Institute will be acknowledged by email.
  • In addition, two letters of reference should be sent by email or mail to arrive by the application deadline. If sent by mail, they should be signed and sealed and sent directly by the referee to the Sainsbury Institute, 64 The Close, Norwich, NR1 4DH, UK. If they are sent by email, they should be emailed directly by the referee to the Sainsbury Institute.

Note that it’s important to read guidelines on application thoroughly before you apply.

For more information: Check Scholarship official page.


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